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Welcome to EABH Alumni. We hope that you will use this site as a tool to keep in touch with classmates and old friends and to find out about events and other news. EABH is proud to have a large alumni community that engages and helps by leaving an important legacy for future generations. Keep the Hawks spirit alive with your continued involvement and support. For the EABH Alumni and former EABH Student Connection Form, click here, and to join the Facebook group, click here.



Alumni Visit

We had a chance to catch up with Alumni Sofia Pedrosa (EABH Class of ´21), Enzo Diacovo (EABH Class of ´20), Luma Barreto (EABH Class of ´22), Daniel Souza (EABH Class of ´20), Rafael Gropen (EABH Class of ´20) and Giovanna Barreto (EABH Class of ´19) at the Graduation Ceremony of the EABH Class of 2022. It was so nice to see our Hawks and learn about the great things they are up to.



Our alumnus Nalin Rohatgi (EABH Class of ´95) visited EABH in 2022 and learned about all the innovations taking place on campus. As we toured the school, Nalin reminisced about the people he met and the experiences he had at EABH, where he was a student from the age of 5 until high school. It was so nice to welcome back alumni and feel the power of the EABH Connection. After all of those years, EABH still feels like a home away from home.




Please click here to see the testimonials of our dear alumni in the 2020-2021 EABH Annual Report.

Thank you to Nalin Rohatgi (class of ’95), Gustavo de Alvarenga Batista (class of ’00), Nina Van Riet (class of ‘09), Bianca Zancanela (class of ’17), and Juliana Reis Guimarães (at EABH from 1994-1999 for their participation!

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Sharing experiences through college counseling prep classes

In 2020-2021, several EABH Alumni took on leadership roles by volunteering to share their experiences as a college student with current EABH students. Getting involved in sharing  college prep tips, as well as relevant information about your college experience with upper school students is just one of the great ways Alumni have been staying connected with EABH.

In 2020-2021:

Luisa Pereira (Class of ’18), Giovanna Barreto (Class of ’19), Lorena Ragonesi (Class of ’20) spoke to our freshman and sophomores about college readiness and relevant tips on how to get a head start while in 9th and 10th grades.

Maria Fernanda C. (Class of ’18), Luisa Pereira (Class of ’18), Nazareno Clemente (Class of ´17), Danielle Torchia (Class of ´11), Bianca Zanacanela (Class of ´17) and Felipe Lima (Class of ´18) spoke to our seniors about their current and past college experiences.


Talking about one´s EABH experience through video

Guilherme Brumer (Class of ’07)  and Renata Mendes (at EABH from 1996-1999) participated in our Testimonial Video Series:


Rafael Gropen (Class of ’20), Gustavo Belluco (Class of ’18), Giovanna Barreto (Class of ’19), and Isabella Padilha (Class of ’20) participated in our videos about Extracurricular Activities and AP.


Sharing professional skills with the school

Diana Bracarence (Class of ’00), artist and art teacher, hosted a paint workshop at our Virtual End of the Year Staff Party.


Building the EABH Network through our Alumni Connection Newsletter 


In 2020-2021, in addition to our EABH Alumni Facebook Group ( that has 226 members, we launched the Alumni Connection Newsletter as a way to stay connected with our graduates and build the EABH network. In this periodical newsletter, we share with our graduates news about EABH and opportunities for alumni community engagement.


Insert Alumni Newsletters

Alumni Newsletter 1 (Dec/20)

Alumni Newsletter 2  (April/21)

Alumni Newsletter 3 (Jul/21)

Alumni Newsletter 4 (Jan/22)


Alumni Spotlight

Please click here to see the testimonials of our dear alumni in the 2019-2020 EABH Annual Report.

Thank you to Steven Gia ´15, Megan Dempsey ´16, Luiz Dutra ´16, Leo Capus (years at EABH 2003-2009), Alisha Deshmuck (years at EABH 2009-2010), and Sofia Marques (years at EABH 2007-2009) for their participation!

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Annual Report




Homecoming 2019

As alumni returned home for the annual Homecoming Event, they also had a chance to learn about the EABH Future Program, interact with the EABH Master Plan architectural model, and learn about how they can participate in making a difference for generations to come!


2019 Senior Class Gift

The Senior Class of 2019 made the first collective alumni gift to the EABH Future Program. Before she left for UCLA, Giovanna Barreto (EABH Class of 2019) stopped by to make the gift in the name of her classmates. We were very honored by this gift and hope it will become a tradition at our school!