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EABH Annual Fund

The EABH Annual Fund: an annual fundraising effort to enhance learning each year

You can make a difference in our school by supporting the EABH Annual fund, which is an annual fundraising effort directed toward enhancing the learning experience at EABH. In 2019, gifts supported the furnishing and equipment of our school. Our goal was to raise R$200.000 reais in the first year. We were so grateful to announce that, thanks to your support, we exceeded our goal raising a total of R$ 209.805 reais. These funds were used to transform current learning spaces into flexible and collaborative spaces that reflect our innovative teaching and learning approach.

We have organized stakeholder participation in the EABH Annual Fund to promote flexibility and inclusiveness, and our goal is massive community participation. You may contribute with ANY amount and your participation makes a difference.  We ask all of you— parents, grandparents, alumni and former families, faculty, staff, and friends— to consider making a gift to EABH, joining this culture of giving in a collective effort to support the school. Your contribution will be a benefit to the school and will be recognized and remembered for years to come.

To donate today, please visit fill out the EABH Future Program on-line pledge form at

To learn more about giving, please contact Joanne, Development Officer at +55 (31) 3319-8300 or via

2019 EABH Annual Fund Metrics

Last updated: November 30th, 2019

  • Funds Raised: R$ 209.805,00
  • Goal: R$ 200.000,00


Projects funded by the 2019 EABH Annual Fund: The Furnishing and Equipment of our School

To better support our teaching and learning philosophy, the EABH Annual Fund will be invested to purchase furniture and equipment for our school that go beyond “desk and chairs” to create flexible and innovative learning spaces for our students.