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EABH Future Campaign


The EABH Future Campaign: supporting EABH’s vision and long-term strategies

One way to support the school is to join the EABH Future Campaign. Gifts will support the school’s vision and long-term strategic priorities. The top funding priority of the EABH Future Campaign is to raise funds to support the expansion, renovation, and enhancement of the EABH Campus. The EABH Master Plan is a multi-phase enterprise to renovate aging infrastructure and build new spaces that purposefully support our teaching and learning philosophy, as well as our growing enrollment.

We are happy to announce that we met our goal of raising 3 million reais in 3 years (2019-2021) to support the equipment of Bloco 1. The new building offers 12 new learning spaces, including an outdoor patio on the rooftop. Bloco 1 features green technology components that include natural ventilation, rainwater harvesting, and natural lighting to reduce artificial lighting requirements. We thank all of our donors that have made achieving this goal possible.

We know that our present community has the potential to continue the legacy that families before them began, through their belief and contribution to pave the path towards the future of EABH. Join us in making our Master Plan a reality!


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To learn more about the EABH Future Program, please contact Joanne, Development Officer at +55 (31) 3319-8300 or via



The EABH Master Plan is a multi-phase project that results from over five years of research with association members, education specialists, consultants, and architects specialized in the construction of schools. It will maximize the potential of the teaching and learning programs at EABH by offering optimal facilities that will better support our students to share knowledge, feel safe and comfortable, take positive risks, and dare to be creative, through a methodology that is both personalized and innovative.



Here is a global view of what our school will look like once the EABH Master Plan will be complete.



We have already started…

Our Master Plan represents the future of learning at EABH.


In this video, we show the evolution of the construction of the EABH Master Plan (May/21).

In this video, we show a timelapse of the construction of the new Parking Lot Entrance, built in partnership with the US State Department (July/ 2019).

The EABH Master Plan has been initiated with the construction of SAAGE Hall and the new Parking Lot entrance. We have now successfully concluded the first phase of the Master Plan which includes:


Full renovation of our Kitchen

Unlike many schools, EABH runs its own meal service, equipped with a team of kitchen staff that is led by an internal nutritionist. We serve over 1,500 healthy and balanced meals per day for our students, faculty and staff. We follow strict hygiene procedures and have inspections conducted by Vigilancia Sanitaria. We are pleased to have completed a full renovation of our Kitchen that will better support our practices with temperature-controlled storage rooms, dedicated preparation areas, as well as new industrialized appliances.

Construction of new Gym Locker Rooms

We have relocated our locker rooms to the other end of the gym, where new spaces are also being built to accommodate separate rest and work areas for our staff, as well as dedicated athletic offices and storage rooms.

Construction of underground Solid Waste Shelter for proper sanitary disposal and recycling management.

By hosting this underground, we are maximizing ground floor space for student activities and maintaining our open areas free from unpleasant smells and direct contact with our students.

Construction of Bloco 1

First building of the 3 Blocos that make up our T-Building. It features 12 new learning spaces as well as green technology to keep spaces well-lit and ventilated.


In this video, shared at Thanksgiving, we show, with happiness and gratitude, that the construction of Bloco 1 has been completed (Nov/21).


We believe we still have much to do, and only together can we accelerate our much needed progress. The EABH Future Program is an opportunity not only to invest in much needed modernization, but also to create a platform to place our school on the global playing field.