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EABH Future Program Parent Coffee

On February/22, we hosted a Parent Coffee about the EABH Future Program for 40 parents.  This was the first parent coffee on campus in a while, and it was really nice to welcome parents onto our campus, have coffee together and learn more about the EABH´s Giving Program. Parents enjoyed seeing the new learning spaces and innovations taking place in our campus as well as learning more about how they can contribute to this process of modernization.


EABH Future Program Annual Fundraising Dinner

On May 5th, 2022, we hosted our third EABH Future Program Annual Dinner. This special evening brought together over 170 guests, among EABH parents, teachers, staff and friends, to enjoy fine dining and entertainment while supporting the development of the EABH Master Plan. Our goal is to become a Hub of Excellence in South America!!


Please check out the best moments of this magical night by clicking here:


Please check out testimonials from our parents and head of school by clicking here:



Partners of the 2022 EABH Future Program Annual Fundraising Dinner: Mixed, Sweet 16, Fasano Hotel, Almanaque, Belíssimo! Vallvé, Gold Design, Savine Jóias, Chen Perfume, Vasconcellos Family.




Bloco 1 – Construction Update Video

We are very grateful to have been able to complete the construction of Bloco 1. This video tells the story that inspired this bold move and shows the great result of hard work and commitment.

Bloco 1 has been funded by the Association Fee Reserve, which was established by the Association to specifically fund large projects of this type and whose purpose is dedicated to the longevity and maintenance of our school. The funds raised through the EABH Future Program Campaign from 2019 -2021 are being invested to equip this new building and get it ready for use.


Celebrating a very special gift: EABH Connection Rooftop Area by the Bonomo Family

In 2021 we received a very special gift from the Bonomo Family to support the equipment of the Bloco 1 Rooftop Area. This new open space will enable students and teachers to engage with another, discover and learn together, and socialize. The Bloco 1 Rooftop promises to not only transform the skyline of Belo Horizonte, but also provide a contemporary educational experience at EABH.








Donor Recognition Initiative

During this moment of social distance, we recognized this year´s EABH Future Program Donors by sending a special treat to their homes to demonstrate our appreciation for their support during the second year of the EABH Future Program.


The future has arrived!

In November, during the month of Thanksgiving, we created a special video to thank our community for their courage, hard work, and commitment to the school’s vision during these difficult times.

Thanks to the force of our community, we are able to propel our Master Plan and kick-off our construction for Phase 1. This bold action will help us achieve the first objective of our strategic plan, so that our new learning spaces can ensure optimal teaching and learning experiences for our students today, and generations to come.

Check out this video to learn more about how EABH has been responding to the current global pandemic while safeguarding the future of our school for continued progress!




On Friday, March 13, we hosted a special Parent Coffee regarding the EABH Future Program. We welcomed the opportunity to hear the perspectives and experiences of our two international guests, Ms. Robin Heslip, Regional Education Officer for the Western Hemisphere from the Office of Overseas Schools, and the international strategic consultant, Mina Merkel, who is also Board President of the Friends of Graded Foundation. Thank you to all the parents who participated! We are counting on you!


EABH Future Program Annual Fundraising Dinner

We had a wonderful night at our second EABH Future Program Annual Fundraising Dinner at O Italiano restaurant. We would like to thank everyone who participated. We had so much fun playing Bingo!  All funds raised will go to support the EABH Master Plan and fund the construction of Bloco I. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank all of our partners for making this event successful. 

EABH Future Program Annual Fundraising Dinner Partners:

Belíssimo!Vallvé – Chen Perfumes – Hotel Fasano – Iorane – Mixed – Orthocrin – Savine – Arqsol




Valentine´s Dinner and Launch of EABH Future Program, February 2019

On February 14th, Valentine’s Day, we inaugurated our brand new SAAGE Hall and launched the EABH Future Program with parents. At this event, we presented EABH’s vision of the future, including the architectural model of the EABH Master Plan.


Donor’s Corners

Since the launch, we held a Donor’s Corner at all community wide events to showcase the EABH Future Program. At the Donor’s Corner, parents, students, staff, and teachers had a chance to interact with the EABH Master Plan architectural model, and learn about the different ways to support our school and make a difference!


Face to face meetings with donors

Throughout the year, we met individually with many of the EABH Future Program Donors to personally thank them for their vision and courage to be the pioneers, as well as share the results of the EABH Future Program. Thank you to Iorane for the partnership in making the exclusive EABH Gift Bags for the EABH Future Program.


Donor Recognition Certificates at EABH Community Awards

During the EABH Community Awards in June 2019, EABH Families, Staff, Teachers and Board Members who made a donation to the EABH Future Program received a special recognition on stage by the whole community.


SAAGE Circle Dinner

In October 2019, we held the first SAAGE Circle Dinner to celebrate the generosity of those who contributed at the highest level of our EABH Future Program.

Annual Donor Recognition Event

In November 2019, we held an Annual Donor Recognition Event to thank all the donors who supported the successful launch and first year of the EABH Future Program.