Dear EABH Village,

In times like this, our students, families, teachers, and staff need us more than ever. We are so thankful that technology can bring us together even with our campus closed. In the coming days and weeks, we’ll be engaging in many online activities to ensure that our community of learners has what it needs to continue learning, as well as to stay safe, balanced, and healthy as we shift into a new educational paradigm.

As the world changes and progress is made minute by minute, we have decided to create this website page as a way to share our learning with you. Our goal is to provide:

  • A one-stop solution for all school information regarding online learning.
  • Free access to online learning, educational services, and digital learning platforms to not only EABH families, but also all other parents and schools needing support to provide continuous education at home.
  • Up-to-date information about prevention and tips on how to stay healthy.

This website page is one of many initiatives EABH is taking to ensure hope for our shared future. We are a community of learners and understand the need for collaboration. We are also a community of caring individuals with a desire to share our resources and best practices.

We will continue to monitor all developments and assess the changing needs of our students, families, and staff. Consequently, we will respond accordingly and communicate the changes as they occur using our weekly Friday Email and social media platforms: Instagram, Facebook e YouTube.

If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us.

Challenging times offer new opportunities for growth. Our mission is to pay it forward! We hope you find the information shared helpful.

Stay healthy and connected.


The American School of Belo Horizonte is a pioneer in at home learning during the COVID19 pandemic. EABH has opted for a human approach to the troubles and uncertainties originated by this threat. We are all embarking on a new paradigm, an innovative way of teaching and learning. EABH recognizes this moment as an opportunity for new skills to be developed.

School classes will continue this Monday (March 23rd), in a virtual environment, preserving our social and affective connections, even at distance, between teachers and students. Just like other international schools around the world, EABH will use online platforms to continue learning while in person classes are suspended. This technological integration was already part of the school´s curriculum that adopts digital platforms in its everyday schooling.

The school and teachers have elaborated welcoming and inclusive learning strategies, designed for this moment. The EABH ONLINE Education Plan is focused on the emotional well-being of our students and faculty. During the period of social distancing, our goal is to offer a social connection even online.


School operating level indicators.



We continue to monitor the changes in the environment related to the COVID- 19 in Belo Horizonte. The health and safety of our students and community continue to be our priority. Our school is currently operating at Level 3. Even though there are no cases confirmed of the disease in our community, we were mandated to follow official protocols that determined school closings.

See the full matrix here.


Get in touch: What? Who?

Please contact your child’s Teacher: Homeroom Teacher for Lower School & Advisory Teacher for Upper School.
Please contact your Principal.
Lower School: Email: matthew.ihle@eabh.com.br
Uper School: Email: gabriel.evans@eabh.com.br
Please contact the school Nurse.
Email: nurse@eabh.com.br
Please contact the EABH IT Dept.
Email: tech@eabh.com.br
Please contact the Brazilian Program Director.
Please contact the EABH Guidance Counselors.
Email: counselor@eabh.com.br
Please contact the EABH Community Relations Dept.
Email: community.relations@eabh.com.br
Please contact the EABH Finance Department.
Email: finance@eabh.com.br


There are many measures you can take to protect yourself against the coronavirus. Watch this video and find out.


Ministério da Saúde do Brasil
World Health Organisation
Centers for Disease Control

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