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Athletic Overview

Halt! You’ve just landed in the nest of the birds of prey.

For 50 years the American School of Belo Horizonte has intertwined sports and academics. This program has inspired our students and developed them into model citizens of the world by enhancing their social skills. The Hawks and Lady Hawks must fulfill numerous requirements to be eligible for participation in athletics. Athletes must excel in all areas from academics to community services. We are proud to present our flying “stars” from the athletic program of the American School of Belo Horizonte.

With respect to our Athletic Department, ambitious plans to expand in numbers and improve in sporting areas have been set in motion so that we can provide only the best to our athletes. Such plans entail supplying a greater scope of activities to satisfy the demand and uphold the excellent standard that we take pride in.

We exult in our past achievements, having obtained countless trophies and won several games, never ceasing to strive for an even greater goal of success and pile even more onto our insurmountable reputation.