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Bridge U

This is our one-stop shop for all things College Prep.  Your G11 and G12 student will have the opportunity to build a list of schools, see how closely they match to their individual profiles and “must haves”, and it will allow them to participate in virtual tours/visits with college admission officers.  It will also be where we warehouse your student’s “passion” pathway journey from G6-G12 in order to help them see their own evolution into deciding what it is they really want out of their postsecondary choices and journey. This “warehouse” also has various tools that students will use over their years in Upper School, both middle and high school, to help develop their interests and goals into tangible dreams.

You can also have access to this site to keep track of schools to which your student is applying.

Please contact the College Counseling Team for your login information!

Bridge U’s Mission: We believe that talent is equally distributed across the globe, but opportunity is not. We take pride in helping students discover and explore the best pathways available to them — wherever those opportunities may be. And we empower secondary schools and universities, with software and solutions designed to help them meet the challenges of a changing world.

Bridge U