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Finances and Financial Aid

Finances and Financial Aid are going to be one of the most time-consuming topics that you will encounter in the college application process.  We recommend, after making the decision to study in Brazil privately or to study internationally, beginning with creating a budget for school that has a ceiling for the students and the college counselors to work with as we begin the decision-making process.  We will be providing workshops and advice through our monthly Happy Hours as well as through Advisory, College Prep classes, and individual meetings with students throughout the year. Again, as questions arise, please contact the College Counseling Office at

To Help Understand the Costs of International Schools:

Checkout this presentation for an overview of all things Money*. It explains everything.


US Financing:

  • Citizen Applicants: FAFSA–all US citizens applying to a school in the US need to fill out this form.
  • International Applicants: CSS Profile–some schools may ask for you to fill out this form and supply the document
  • Need Blind Schools in the US (but double check they are Need Blind to International Students and that they pay 100% of the financial need.

European Colleges & Universities that give Financial Aid to International Students

Links for Student Visa Info:

Please try to avoid taking out loans, but if you have to, here are some sources to aid you in that pathway:

But, again, this is not the best route!  There are so many other options, that we strongly advise against taking out loans.