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Making College Choices – US Schools

Making the “right” or “best” decision about college, whether it be in Brazil or internationally, is one of the most exciting decisions for students and parents to make.  But it is also one of the toughest decisions to make.  Part of what we do at EABH is provide guidance in and outside of school hours for both students and parents.  Through our Brazilian College Prep and International College Prep courses in both the G11 (Junior) and G12 (Senior) years of high school, we aid students in making the tough choice of their postsecondary pathway.  What follows are some of the tools we use in helping them make this decision.  We want to provide them to the EABH community so that whenever you (students and/or parents) are ready to begin the path to making such a decision, you have some guidance.  Please, if you have any questions, contact the CCT or make an appointment with us!

Your students grades 9-12 have access to all of these things in our College Counseling Corner in Google Classroom!

Additionally, please click on the link to take you to Bridge U.  This is our one-stop shop for all things College Prep.  Your G11 and G12 student will have the opportunity to build a list of schools, see how closely they match to their individual profiles and “must haves”, and it will allow them to participate in virtual tours/visits with college admission officers.

You may want to begin making choices by first deciding on a Budget:

What is the Cost in a Nutshell and Which US Schools Give Aid to International Students (Courtesy of Jennie Kent and Jeff Levy)

We also know many of you will begin your search looking at the rankings of schools.  While we do not recommend this as the only factor when making decisions about schools–location, fit for student personality, size, degree offerings, study abroad opportunities–we know it may be important to you.  This is the best ranking system to use: QS World University Rankings.  (US World and News Report is not a credible source based on how it gathers its data about universities.

QS World University Rankings

Links to Help You On Your Way:

Brazilian College Prep (Courtesy of Daniela de Carvalho Class of 2022)

College Research Spreadsheet (Courtesy of an EABH graduate)  This will help you organize all of the answers to your questions about each college, deadlines, costs, merit scholarship opportunities, etc.

Early Decision vs. Early Action

Questions to Ask BEFORE You Begin Your Search

(BUT after you have established a budget/price range)

College Search Engine Links for Schools in the US:

Go on a Tour of your Prospective Schools–Virtual or Otherwise!

Send an Email to College Admissions Officers:

Schools with great scholarships that EABH has direct relationships with for now!
(We are adding more every month!)