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Passion Pathway Preparation* Summer Workshops

The first step in this journey is to begin exploring the “passion” pathways of you, our students.  We don’t want to create a high level of anxiety as soon as you begin Upper School (6-12) or High School (9-12) for that matter.  We want to slowly build your excitement about life after high school.  We want you to enjoy high school and the journey to the decisions of your post secondary education–whatever that may be–school to career; school to technical schools; school to university.

We begin this journey with an exploration of what you find pleasure in doing in your spare time to what you want to be when you grow up (even if that changes 100 times).

We present this as an image of growing an apple tree that will eventually turn into a pie that you present to possible employers or university admission officers.

Again, in advisory classes and then once in the College Prep classes, students will work through these reflections and questions and decisions with a team of people dedicated to these decisions as well as the amazing EABH faculty.

We also highly recommend summer workshops/internships/job shadowing/classes for the students to continue exploring and experiencing their passion pathways and building a resume/application that shows employers or college/university admissions officers who our students are and what they are made of.  Students can find these opportunities in the College Counseling Corner (Google Classroom).