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Scholarship Opportunities for International Students

Scholarships for international students are easy or difficult to come by depending on where your student decides to study.  Schools in the UK, Canada, Europe, and Australia often give more financial aid to students than the US does.  Also, please check out the schools that we have relationships with directly.

The only way to know is to do your research for each and every school you plan on applying to.

Please know that the SAT may be required

for eligibility to certain merit scholarships at schools.


Some US schools give MERIT scholarships, which are typically awarded by the school often without any effort on the student’s part other than having outstanding academic achievement and accomplishments in high school.  Other MERIT scholarships require an application.  MOST merit scholarships will require some display of academic tenacity and motivation in order to maintain the scholarship if it is renewable such as a high GPA, class attendance, community service, etc.

So read the fine print of any scholarship your student is awarded.  Additionally, check to see if the award is renewable.  If it is NOT, you must factor in the LOSS of it the second and following years into your overall budget.


Private scholarships are awarded by private individuals or companies for various reasons.  Finding these scholarships is time-consuming.  Some have compared chasing this money as having a part-time job because each one is different and has different application requirements.  Plus, students have to dig through the descriptions to see if they even qualify for the scholarship first as an international student and then for whatever characteristic is being awarded by the scholarship.

Private scholarships are often smaller than merit scholarships.  Students approach private scholarships in two different ways:  1) Some chase the smaller ones thinking not many people will be applying for them.  They then try to “stack” as many scholarships as they can to defer some costs. 2) Some chase the larger ones also hoping to “stack” as many as they can.

Please use this guide to help you begin your search for private scholarships:

How to search for private scholarships!

Sites to research possibly private scholarships: Click here and then click on any image in the document to take you to a private scholarship source.

Merit scholarships, again, are either awarded by the college/university without any extra application on the student’s part or your student must research each school to see what merit scholarships can be applied for.  Please note, many universities do not award international students merit scholarships, or any merit scholarships to any student as many do not have the money to do so.