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In March, some of our MUN club members participated in the BRAMUN Conference, the MUN conference that gathers schools from all around Brazil in the beautiful scenery of Costa do Sauípe, Bahia, to improve their debating skills and discuss topics relevant worldwide. While having a lot of fun hanging around the beach, our students also learned a lot from the conference, and some even received awards and 2020 leadership team nominations. Artur Castro (10th grade) and Carlos Pinto (10th grade), representing China in the Security Council, won a verbal commendation. Isabela Padilha (11th grade), was awarded Best Speaker of the Political Committee as the delegate representing Saudi Arabia. Senior Henrique Ullmann was also awarded Best Speaker as the Secretary of Treasury of Eisenhower’s Cabinet. Of our students who took part in the Press Corps, Isabelle Miserani (11th grade) and Beatriz Brandão (11th grade) earned an award for managing BRAMUN’s official Instagram page and for being the official BRAMUN photographer, respectively. Finally, junior Isabela Padilha won a spot in BRAMUN 2020 Leadership Team as the vice-chair for the Human Rights Council!

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