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Congratulations to EABH Students!

The second semester has just begun and we are already very happy with all the good news! Congratulations to all participants in the competitions, as we know how important it is for the learning to participate in these challenges. We are very proud of our students!

Our EABH Senior, Ester F., has been selected as a recipient of the 2021 Margaret Sanders Scholarship. Congratulations! We wish you a lot of success in your future endeavors!

This scholarship is awarded by the Association for the Advancement of International Education (AAIE) each year to a graduating high school senior that meets the criteria of outstanding academic achievement, intrinsic motivation and organization. As they shared: “It was an extremely competitive year and as such, please take great pride in this outstanding achievement.” We are so proud of you, Ester!

The “Concurso Canguru de Matemática Brasil” is one of the largest international math competitions in the world, with the participation of 80 countries and approximately 6 million students. Congratulations to all participants and a round of applause for the EABH winners!

Our students also stood out at the “Olimpíada Brasileira de Astronomia e Astronáutica” (OBA). The Olympics is a national event held in Brazilian schools by the Brazilian Astronomical Society and the Brazilian Space Agency (AEB) with the objective of spreading astronomical knowledge and fostering young people’s interest in Astronomy and Astronautics and related sciences. Once again, our students did great in the competition. Congratulations!

Another great achievement! Our student, Annie S. got the silver medal at the Brazilian Computer Olympics (also known only as OBI). It is a programming competition held annually. It aims to awaken in students an interest in computer science. Congratulations!

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