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EABH College Counseling Committee (CCC) and Alumni Involvement

Our college counseling program is now stronger than ever! Our College Counselor is now supported by 3 College Prep teachers. Together, they form the new College Counseling Committee, and are working collectively to help our students get into the best universities around the world by improving their SAT scores and receiving support for their college essays, among many other important college application processes that are involved.

One of the workshops focused on college preparations for our high school students. The college counseling committee invited EABH alumni: Luisa P. (Class of ´18), Giovanna B. (Class of ´19) and Lorena R. (Class of ´20) to speak to our freshman and sophomores about college readiness and relevant tips on how to get a head start while in 9th and 10th grade. Needless to say, they were absolutely awesome! Our alumni speakers created an informative presentation while also providing our high school students with a checklist of things they should focus on during their first two years of high school.  They will be joining us again to speak with the 11th and 12th graders in making their college choices and how to know what schools might fit them best!

It is great to know that our Alumni are taking on leadership roles and giving back to their alma mater by getting involved and coaching upper school students through the college prep process and experience. Thank you, EABH Alumni! #eabhconnection


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