Notícias & Mídia

Our Festa Junina is tomorrow! Festa Junina is a traditional celebration that normally takes place during the month of June. Portuguese and Spanish settlers who wanted to celebrate the harvest and their favorite saints began this celebration in Brazil. One of the party’s highlights is the “quadrilha”, a type of square dance, led by the couple that is “getting married”. The decoration is made up of colorful flags and men dress up in farm clothes with a straw hat, while women wear pigtails, freckles and colorful plaid dresses. All this with Brazilian country music in the background! Delicious food is served and many dishes feature corn, like popcorn, canjica, couscous and pamonha. As usual we will choose “Rainha da Pipoca” and “Rei do Amendoim.” in a fund raising project for PTA. Below are some photos of last year’s event. Next week we will post this year’s photo gallery.

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