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In a transdisciplinary project between Science and Design, Grade 8 students created projects to raise awareness against malaria. They had to create videos and develop ways to raise funds that would be later donates to an NGO that acts mainly in developing countries. Student Carlos Eduardo P. created a crowdfunding campaign at, designed flyers and distributed them at Praça da Liberdade. He ended up meeting journalist Eduardo Costa, from radio station Itatiaia, who invited Carlos to participate in his show. The student had the opportunity to spread the word about his work and raised even more money. Grade 8 students raised a total of R$2.552,75 that will be donated to the NGO Nothing But Nets, helping with the purchase of 82 nets that protect against the mosquito that transmits the disease. Congratulations to everyone involved in a project that not only teaches students about Malaria, but also allows them to get involved with the local and the global communities.

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