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GRADE 4 interviews with explorers Vilfredo Schurmann & Marina Klink

Our young 4th grade explorers are studying about exploration and how it leads to new discoveries and understandings. During the month of October, our inquisitive EABH student researchers had the honor to speak with Brazilian explorer, Marina Klink. Marina, her husband Amyr Klink, and their three daughters participated in an amazing expedition to the Antarctic.

Our students prepared for this interview by formulating questions as part of their ongoing investigations. Marina Klink, a lover of nature, also shared many interesting tips such as: Start observing nature and realize that all places are full of life… even if it may not appear to – like the desert! In addition, Marina shared a few synopsis from her books “Vamos Dar a Volta ao Mundo?” and “Férias na Antártica”.

EABH 4th grade students also talked to Vilfredo Schurmann from the Schurmann Family. What an incredible opportunity to learn directly from this Brazilian family of explorers and pioneers, who has been traveling the world for 36 years! Vilfredo inspired our EABH students with a special message: “If you have a dream, set a date!”

And that is what the Schurmann family has been doing. Together with the UN Environment Programme (UNEP), they lead a worldwide movement to bring global awareness and solutions to the world’s oceans challenges. The Voice of the Oceans, in addition to including a sailing expedition, aims to combat plastic waste in the oceans. You can check out more about this project from this site:

EABH students are INQUIRERS and love to learn nonstop! This was an amazing learning experience!

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