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Projeto Curious Mind

The Curious Minds Project is a collaboration between EABH seniors and Master/Doctorate students at UFMG in the Microbiology Department. The purpose of the project is to expose our students to college level research techniques and high tech equipment. The Grade 12 students visited the UFMG campus three times and worked in different laboratories. They participated in hands-on demonstrations of current research being done by graduate students.
Some of the experiments included learning how to handle and use proper anesthetics to collect tissues from mice to study ALS; handling electron microscopes to examine structures of cells; analyzing blood samples to determine health of immune system and possibility of viral infections; examining fertilized embryos of various animals such as fish and chickens to learn how muscle development occurs; and learning how to use bioluminescence to determine the function of genes in genetic disorders and diseases. We would like to thank Mr. Dave Ritchie for leading the project and Dr. Walderez Dutra, a member of our community and former EABH mom, for making this possible.

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