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Using Technology in the Classroom, an article by Mali Carioti

Last month I was given the opportunity to attend the Google Summit in Guatemala City. This was an educator´s conference hosted by the American School of Guatemala, focusing on ways teachers and educators can effectively use technology in the classroom. During the two-day crash course on several useful and interactive Google based applications and technology infused projects, I took away so many ideas that I feared out of the 10 things I learned I would probably only integrate one effectively. But I was wrong. In the first two weeks of school I have integrated 4 different methods of using technology in the 4th grade classroom!

These methods include an online banking system for my students to save money and buy rewards, which is helping students learn about money management and has improved behavior in the class. We have also used an app called FlipGrid. This tool has allowed all of my students to have a voice outside of the classroom where they can post videos and have discussions of topics we introduce in the classroom. We have also used SeeSaw in MANY different ways, including an online assessment that is able to be completed at home which leaves more time for instruction and individual support. I have also introduced the wonderful tools that Google Earth has to offer my students while learning about mapping and cartography.

After this conference I have realized that even with limited resources in the classroom, we are still able to integrate technology in a way that students can express themselves, share and discuss ideas, and take learning into their own hands. This has opened doors for me and for my students. Plus, I feel more connected to my students than ever before!

Mali Carioti
4th Grade Teacher

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