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Lower School

The Lower School at EABH is comprised of students from ages 4 to 12 in grade levels from PK to fifth grade. At EABH, we begin schooling for students aged 4 with the Pre Kindergarten Program.


Welcome to the EABH Lower School,

My name is Matt Ihle and I am the Lower School Principal at EABH. I have served as a principal in US public schools as well as independent American and International Curriculum schools on four continents. In each school I have been fascinated to work on developing languages (six in total) as well as literacy and numeracy as students prepare for lives of learning, leadership, and service.

EABH is unique in all of Belo Horizonte. It is one of the only schools in Brazil with a Primary Years Program (PYP), inquiry approach to learning as found in the International Baccalaureate (IB), the most prestigious and rigorous college preparatory international curriculum model in the world. This means that you will find more in common between our school and Graded in São Paulo, the Anglo-American School of Moscow or the International School of Paris than you will with other schools in Belo Horizonte. Our students learn primarily through inquiring and investigating concepts. In the Lower School, it will be more common to find students designing their assessments than taking a publisher-designed test. Students use what they learn to answer their own questions as they develop the traditional skills as found in the US Common Core Standards as well as the broader investigational, interpersonal, and presentation skills as modeled in the 5th Grade Exhibition – the culminating event of a PYP school.

In the Lower School, we have a unique structure that pairs a fully trained and equipped Portuguese teacher with an English Homeroom teacher in each classroom. This teaching pair collaborates with their grade-level partners to design coordinated lessons across each age group. We have been able to hire experienced and highly trained teachers and the Board of Directors is committed to increasing the efficacy of our teaching staff by becoming a training and learning hub for all of South America.

.So if you want your children to develop an international mind-set, along with the skills that will truly prepare them for university study and future employment with multiple languages, EABH is the place for you.


Matt Ihle
Lower School Principal