Brazilian Program

Message from the Brazilian Program Director

It is with great satisfaction that I am here to welcome you who seek a differentiated education for your children, for those of you who believe that only through quality education we will be able to act as true agents of change in a world that is constantly changing.

When I joined the team, in 2013, I already had 21 years of professional experience as an elementary school teacher in large schools in Belo Horizonte, and I soon realized that the search for quality in teaching, the offer of unique opportunities to live with diversities, the incentive for families to participate in the education of their children, and finally, education based on the best international teaching practices, made EABH the ideal as an international school in Belo Horizonte.

Within this rich environment, it was not difficult to develop proposals for teaching the Portuguese language. It has been an extremely pleasant experience to coordinate the teaching of Portuguese Language and Brazilian Geography and History here at EABH.

During these eight years, I saw the school grow, the number of students doubled, as a result of a team that worked exhaustively to offer the best.

The work with the Portuguese language begins with Early Childhood up to grade 12.

In PreK and KNDG classes, the Portuguese language takes place in a very playful way, carefully following the guidelines of the BNCC, the IB (International Baccalaureate), and the Brazilian National and Municipal Curriculum Guidelines, adopting in their pedagogical practices the principles of structuring an Early Childhood Education program: interactions, play, and culture-society-nature.

In Elementary and High School, the work follows the principles adopted by the BNCC and the Brazilian National Curriculum Guidelines and seeks to carry out works that lead the student to seek knowledge, to become more involved in the program being developed, such as interdisciplinary works and works such as “Classes Without Walls”, and to giving acquired learning opportunities to students.

EABH also offers its students the opportunity to measure their proficiency in Portuguese, through an external test, developed by CESGRANRIO (a renowned foundation in Brazil), which provides the reading and writing proficiency tests every year and makes a comparison with the results of students from other private schools in Minas Gerais and Brazil. The results of this testing serve as a diagnosis for the preparation of the Teaching Plan for the next year. Our students have shown excellent test results, proving the quality of the teaching being offered.

If you are looking for quality education, EABH is ready to serve you. Together, we know we are better!

Ernestina Silva
Brazilian Program Director

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