Grades 11 and 12

Following the Middle Years Programme are our juniors and seniors courses, which must be successfully completed as part of the high school program to qualify for an EABH Academic Diploma. Students at EABH may earn a US High School Diploma, a Brazilian National Diploma, and the AP Capstone Diploma. Grades 9-12 are part of the high school program, whereas grades 9 and 10 overlap with the MYP. The middle school program (grades 6-8) transitions students from the elementary self contained classroom setting to one that takes a more in-depth study of the core subjects as English, Math, Science, and Social Studies. In high school, these disciplines are more challenging in preparation for higher education. The high school program also integrates the arts, physical education, and other supplementary courses. For the gifted and talented students, we offer advanced program courses such as AP English and AP Calculus. Integrated into the high school curriculum is the community and service program, where students are encouraged to reach out and take action.

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